Earthquake disaster Nepal

Nepal donation account (earthquake relief):

IBAN: DE53721221810333308444
Hypo-Vereinsbank Neuburg

Whereas the children's homes in Pokhara supported by us, the first aid station in Shyauli Bazaar and the physiotherapeutic facility for disabled children in Kathmandu were not damaged to a greater extent, the reconstruction of the infrastructure will surely last a very long time.

Beside spontaneous aid, this is the main focus of our support. More than one year after the earthquake end of April 2015, the government finally began to provide the necessary approvals. Meanwhile the reconstruction of the schools in Sukute and Kadambas is finished. The renovation of the local school at Shyauli Bazaar, which has also been damaged, is expected for end of May.
Your donations enabled us to give support in such a big extend. Therefor we thank you very much again, also in the name of the people affected.   

Von Philipp Foundation