Education and Training

Schoolchildren and students, Pokhara, Nepal

In 1998 VPF started to care for and educate in private schools children from needy families, first in Shyauli Bazaar and later in Pokhara.
In addition a growing number of school leavers receive support for their studies or practical training.
Besides arranging individual sponsorships the VPF with the aid of other sponsors cover all the costs.

CWE (Child Welfare & Education), Pokhara, Nepal

The Nepalese non-profit organisation “Child Welfare & Education” and its Children Home was founded jointly with KNI and is now run by a former student who is now a teacher.

Website Child Welfare & Education:
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Rainbow Children Home, Pokhara, Nepal

The Rainbow Children Home is run by the former social worker Ghoma Dhakal and gives a home to children from broken families.
The children live in a family environment and attend private schools.
The VPF arranges individual sponsorships and covers all necessary costs.

Rainbow Handcraft is an NGO, founded with the objective to improve the situation of poor, underprivileged women in Nepal, by providing free training in sawing and weaving. This will enable them to earn an income through subsequent employment which in turn improves the living conditions of these women and children greatly.

The VPF financially supports this project.