Medical Care

Riverside Health Center, Nepal

Since 1996 the Riverside Health Center offers medical services to approximately 10.000 Nepalese living in the vicinity of Shyauli Bazaar, a remote village south of the Anapurna.
The Riverside Health Center was built with the financial support of the VP Foundation, which also covers its running costs.

The First Aid station is run exclusively by Nepalese board members of the Riverside Health Center NGO.

In addition to the medical camps, preventative health care and hygiene instructions are provided in the surrounding villages. Former students also work in the Health Center.

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Smoke-free cooking stoves, Nepal

In order to reduce burns caused by open fires and lung diseases resulting from smoke, VPF supports projects to provide the rural population with smoke free stoves. At a cost of approximately 9 Euro a considerable coverage in the population is achieved.

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